A complete, open access academic
publishing system

Open Research Shop is revolutionising the way research funding, publishing and access are handled, leveraging tokenisation to transform ideas into investable assets.
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At Open Research Shop, we hold a core belief that every stakeholder involved in the research creation process deserves fair compensation, be it an institution, a funder, a researcher, a reviewer, or any other participant.

Peer reviewed process

Transparent and incentivised peer review process


Decentralised publishing system using tokenisation

Innovative opportunities

Innovative funding opportunities for researchers

Cost effective

Cost-effective support for academic institutions

New Investment Opportunities

New investment possibilities for the academic community

Owned Process

Researchers, funders and institutions own
the research funding and publication process

The Team

Meet the team behind Open Research Shop

Ben Pinder BA, PGCert, MSc

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Drew Morgan BSc, PGCE

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Ben is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for transforming the academic publishing landscape. As founder of Open Research Shop, he leads a groundbreaking initiative to empower those who genuinely contribute to research, shifting the focus away from mere profit-making. With a background in technology and a relentless dedication to innovation, he is driving a paradigm shift in the world of academia.

Drew is an experienced developer who has spent his entire life building things. He has a love of software and is excited to be working on a project that will help make the world a better place. He is a passionate educator, mentor, and instructor who is dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping others learn.

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